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Originally Posted by Bfish View Post
Gary, if your going to take the time to strip the paint off, be prepared to acid etch and primer it too. Then you can take a break and paint it later.
This is a great process and I would recommend it to anyone who is doing some kind of complete restoration. But, for a simple river boat project; I think it could be too caustic for most do it yourselves. Additionally, to be complete - I would acid dip it to treat the insides.

It is all great until you end up broke down on the side of the road or down river....I have been there and done it too many times to neglect easy fixes. However; I am always surprised by something....

I am a fan of metal boats and I have seen some nice restorations. However; fabrication is not my strong-suit. My years of experience have dealt with fiberglass, rtm, etc....I do admire quality and beauty when I see it. I think a boat like yours is a good buy for a fly fisherman to get used to the river and to see what you like and do not like if you ever decide on upgrading to a driftboat. Also, they are very cheap, trustworthy, and durable. Be sure to pick up a super heavy gauge wiring if you plan on using a trolling motor and deep-cycle. I got some jumper cables on sale at Sears and cut the ends off....Add you a nice in line fuse 60amp and you are great. Just buss bar the rest with 12-18 gauge wiring and you have a solid electrical system. I run all LED lights on my boat too... They are pricey; but the ones I have were prototypes I worked on with Attwood for development and they work great...
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