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Originally Posted by Owl View Post
Mock the old folks all you like, but remember us when you pass a dozen people with fishing rods while hiking into your "special" small creek someday and wonder why it doesn't seem as special as you remember it.

I am not exactly young myself, the man is just trying to inject a little humor into the thread. Part of the problem with these forums is that people takes things way too seriously, flaming begins when people disagree on an issue. The fact is that this forum does not have a policy regarding naming streams. If people wish disclose stream names, that's there prerogative and IMO it's wrong IMO other posters flame them for naming a stream as long as they are within the forum rules. I don't name streams much anymore for my own reasons, but if some people want to behave like moderators I'll be more than happy to go against the grain. I read some of these posts, and some people think they are the only only ones to walk a few miles to a stream. I have walked up to 14 miles in a day to fish a small stream. I have been burned as well after walking a good ways to find someone else on that stream. As the saying go, sheet happens, I had to find another place to fish, there are usually other options.

The fact that people solely blame internet forums for the overcrowding of a certain stream is hilarious. Books all over the place on streams, topo maps, etc. and it's all some posters fault for a stream being overrun.

The streams in the Smokies belong to all Americans and they are entitled to fish them just as much as anyone on this forum.

Have a great weekend, catch some fish, I'll try to do the same

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