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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post

I believe the results of the brookie rehab project can be found online...I seem to remember seeing the report on a government website...but for the life of me I can't remember where....
Drifter, if you'll e-mail me at fredturner @ saintclairmapping . com I can provide you some NPS links.

Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
Hey Jeff.....good to hear from you. I hope all is well.

I remember when I began fishing the Park...over 30 years ago....the first thing I did was order ALL of the USGS quads of the Park. There were about 12 of them if I recall. I also ordered a 1st edition copy of Don Kirk's guide book. ...

Ya'll catch a few this wekend...looks like great weather to get out. Me? I've got to paint the kitchen :-(
My first book on fishing the park was Don's. It got me started fishing some new streams and putting together just a list of streams that he mentioned, but did not show on his maps, just for my personal use. The second book I got was Jimmy Jacobs' which didn't cover as many streams, but did show more details in his maps. From it I found some new streams I enjoy fishing still. The third book was one by H. Lea Lawrence. In the very back of it is a fairly detailed pull-out map and list of 36 streams (or portions of them) classified at the time of printing as Restricted Waters....just sayin'. Granted, the net did come into play in that I learned of and ordered Lawerence's book online. Although they have been invaluable to me, I am not pushing these books, and I have since learned from reliable sources that not all these authors got all their information from personal experiences. This is understandable since there are "so many prongs, so little 'tine'." (I'm on the dark side of Medicare elligibility.)

I have since added to my modest library: Jim's great book and Ian's & Charity's very useful park fishing books and map.

On a more important issue, I hope the kitchen turned out well. I'm in the midst of painting and reflooring a bathroom. Straddling and waddling the commode out of it put me in mind of crawling though rhoddies. My wife thinks the bathroom project will be far more rewarding than fishing.

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