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Default Low Water !

I haven't been posting since winter, though I have had the occasional nice fish. We have a son who is 12 though, and in the 7th grade. He is into "stuff" these days that keeps us away from Robbinsville more than I like, but that's life, and I realize how quickly he is growing up. The lower creek (where I mostly fish) has been slow in the summer since the draughts of a few years ago. The fish seem to learn pretty quick that they can run to the lake and be safe from the draughts. Last weekend the water was 60 degrees and low. The rain Saturday night and Sunday [am] brought it up three of four inches, and hopefully today is adding to the water table over there as well.
Fall is on the way though, with the browns moving around and anxious! I do see Knox co tags often when I am up around the back country, nobody seems to post their results though. Either doing real well, or real bad, hopefully well . In the low water last Saturday I fished a little while with dries. I caught one 8 or 9" bow, pretty wild fish, and missed two more. One was exquisite; I'm watching my ant drift out of the bubbles for 4 or 5', then a decent fish just materialized heading down stream to follow the ant. He must have refused it, for I saw him "turn and burn" away, set the hook ....... to nothing. You all know what kind of a rush that is though!
Tight lines,
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