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Thanks for the pointers, guys.

Shawn - That whole 5 year plan never worked for me. I'm not organized enough to keep track of a piece of paper for 5 years I think in high school I did that at least once a year, and it was lost LONG before the year ended. Good thought though, I always like to plan mentally, I never lose it there

Jim - I've been meaning to keep a journal, but haven't gotten around to it. My mom has kept a diary for almost 20 years now, from pregnancy until this very day. She said she's going to give it to me one day, I don't know when, but I liked the idea of keeping thoughts down on paper. Also one of my motivations for joining is the brotherhood, I'll never be alone again.

Dwayne - Thanks for your concern of my safety. But, if I deploy, I won't be anywhere near the front lines. I'll hopefully be doing Security Forces, In-Air refueling, or a loadmaster. Security Forces will have me guarding planes, checking IDs at the gate, and BS work like that The way my family friend put it - "you have the Air Force base that you will be on. You have the Army around you. Then the Marines are around them. You're not gonna get touched!"

I've already got a plan for my savings, I'll be doing about $500 a month to go into savings. I saw a poster every day in high school that shows two guys and their saving habits. One starts at 19, puts $2,000 a year into his savings account until age 26 and stops. The other starts at 26, puts $2,000 a year into his savings until age 65 and stops. He never caught the first guy. Not even close.
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