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Originally Posted by ronhenry123 View Post
John, it's a G3 center console jonboat. Might as well be a flats boat, although I don't have a pole. How do you know where it's safe to wade vs. just a mud hole?
It is always smart to test it first, but the rule of thumb is that the short grass will have a hard bottom. Now I am not to experienced in fishing wadable flats accessible by boat, but the ones I have gone to hole the same. The grass is shorter because the bottom is hard and has less nutrients. Be careful of bare spots that might be puff mud.

I recommend finding a wadable flat prior to the water coming in, so you can see where all of the small channels are that will be underwater when the tide is in. On some flats I have used tape flags to mark some of these small creeks so that when the water is in I can still know where the creek is.

Once you find a short grass flat and see how the bottom is, it becomes alot easier for you to tell the difference by the grass. You will see the grass change at the margins that indicate where it starts getting soft.

Hope this helps. When are you going to be this way?
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