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For the rest of the day whenever I found deep green pools I would catch fish. Strikes were soft but solid and fish were caught consistently throughout the day if not at a truly rapid pace. I spent a fantastic afternoon admiring the beauty of the fish and the beauty of the scenery.

The rest of the time at the cabin settled into that wonderful soul warming comfortable feeling like your favorite worn and faded blue jeans. Cold nights sleeping warm underneath piles of blankets and listening to the rush and rumble of the river. Fishing in the warm strong sun of autumn afternoons with mornings and early evenings set aside as a time of reconnecting with my mom and her boyfriend, a time of letting her know where I was in my life and learning where she was in hers. It is amazing how much her approval still means to me, even at nearly fifty years of age. I have always done what I wanted in life but having her approve of the decisions I have made and supporting the man I have become are very important to me. I hope my kids respect me when I am 75 as much as I respect my mom and dad. Late evenings were spent sitting on the deck looking at the splendor of the full moon and the majesty of the mountains while listening to music and the river blend in a symphony of sound. It seems, wonderfully gravelly voices like Guy Clark, Robert Earle Keen and Townes Van Zandt were made to accompany the magic of rushing water over the gravel of the riverbed. Sipping a bourbon and smoking a cigar not thinking deep and passionate thoughts but simply relaxing and soaking the sounds and feelings of my cabin, my river and my family into my soul and my heart. Letting my troubles and worries slip from my heart and disappear on the currents of the Rio Grande.
The fishing days passed as quickly and perfectly as a big yellow Stimulator riding the river current high and dry. The company of my family and the beauty that surrounded me passed the rest of the time like the full moon riding the night sky, illuminating everything brightly and bringing a new perspective to all of my thoughts, hopes and dreams.
Without warning I found myself cinching the top of my backpack up as I finished my last preparations for the 5 days of backpacking which was the next leg of the adventure yet to come. I drifted off to sleep that night thinking about the love and security this cabin and the river and surrounding mountains brought me, and how much I had enjoyed the company of Fred and Mom. I dreamed that night of sights like the big rainbow below, that was the big fish of the river part of the trip and the gorgeous scenery like the sunlight/river shot below, but my heart was also beating fast in anticipation of the adventures I knew still lay out there in the upcoming backcountry camping excursion. (Part two high country small stream fishing still to come)

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