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There were several streams in this area and I was debating which one I wanted to fish for the day when I saw a National Forest Guy taking pictures of a tent campground which looked like they had just finished re-building. It was in one of my favorite spots and the scenery around the campground was beyond spectacular. The sign on the entrance said it was closed but I pulled down and chatted with the guy anyway. He said that they had indeed just finished rebuilding it last week and that the services were cut-off for the year but it would be fine if wanted to tent camp there. He even said he wanted to came back the next day and take some more pictures of it with my tent set up… …. So I thought about the 4 streams that I knew were within a short distance including one that you could hear from the campsite, looked around at the spectacular scenery and debated it for about 20 or 30 … … seconds … and decided I would car camp in luxury and that I was home sweet home for the next 4 nights. And once again the change in plans seemed to have turned out even better than I could have hoped for. Not a bad place to lay my head if I do say so myself………. And I had it all to myself for the rest of the week. This going with the flow thing is pretty cool.

The camp was all set up and by now you can imagine that I was ready to go fishing. The creek running at the back of the camp ground was still a little cloudy but it got clearer as I hiked upstream. I jumped off the trail and headed down to the bottom of the canyon where I had caught fish before and began fishing a big black stimulator and dropper combination. The first five or six holes were unproductive which really had me starting to get scared but a soft take on the dropper soon broke the ice and the Schaaf made 7 ft 4 wt “Creede” rod was bent deeply under the strain of a pretty little brown.

From there I managed to catch fish at each and every likely looking spot of water, eventually even coming up with a Colorado Grand Slam of bow, brookie, brown and Cutt.

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