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James--Great stuff. I had seen the 1928 map but not the 1941 one. I know my brother, Don, who is an avid and accomplished hiker with considerable interest in old trails and manways, will be keenly interested.

As for Hazel and Eagle Creek, parts of them were in the Park from the outset, but much of the "settled" area wasn't. Indeed, there was a major fishing club on Hazel Creek in the years between the ending of the logging there and 1944 (Hazel Creek Fishing Club). Jim Stikeleather was the key figure and any number of notables fished there. There's considerable information on the club in the chapter on Hazel Creek in Jim Gasque's book, and I have quite a bit on the history of this period in my book on fishing in the Park. Hazel Creek will be covered in even more detail in an upcoming article I have written for Smokies Life. There's considerable information on this general subject in Lance Holland's Fontana, and if you are a real glutton for information get the 700+ page TVA report, The Fontana Project.
That's probably far more info than you wanted, but I thought I'd pass it on. Thanks for sharing the maps.
Jim Casada
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