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well it looks great anyways have done a great job with the work you have done to the boat. I will be leaving for Haiti on November 8th to build homes approx 1.5hrs north of Port Au Prince then we return to Africa for the whole month of June in 2011 to continue our ministry on the islands of Lake Victoria. I am looking for a microscope to take with us for the high school we built last year. If you know of anyone who has one laying around keep us in mind (cannot be powered, no electricity on the islands).

Looks like you are having fun with your project, sometimes that is 1/2 the fun. I am planning on building a project fly rod for our Uganda Missions Pastor. He fishes for Nile Perch so I am trying to find out the size of perch he has access to so I know what size of rod to build...this also will be a fun project for me....

I built a fly rod for Jennifer and now she fishes the park way more than her father......hoping to get down Seymour way soon to visit her and spend some time in the park....

God Bless & Good Fishing
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