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But the scenery didnít suck either

By the time I staggered back to the truck tired but happy to the deepest depths of my being I was a man in love. I had been seduced by beauty (scenery), spirit (the free flowing crystal clear cold water) and soul (the dancing lively jewels of the Rio Grand Cut Throats). This had been a stream exploration like none other that I have ever experienced I usually fall in love slowly over time but this stream was true love at first sight. And I am betting that no one out there could resist her charms.

Not even the bumpy, rough, scraping ride home could shake from me the total feeling of peace and contentment that filled my heart. By the time I got back to camp sunset was starting to spread her magic across this already wonderful landscape turning beauty into divine.

It is always amazing to me how one simple vista can look so different. One set of unusual rocks from three different angles at three different light patterns all within about an hour and three remarkable different views of the same thing. Much like each of our own viewpoints and perspectives, truly different even when faced with the same realities, I guess.

The light continued to fade and I captured a last few pictures to try and hold me over for the long drought ahead for my soul until I could visit this visual oasis of the Colorado high country again.

As the sun finally disappeared behind the mountain, the cold night air finally drove me back to my fire pit where the flames warmed me, much like my trip which had finally disappeared from site and was now just a burning memory to keep me warm until my next visit to these wonderful mountains which my heart and soul call home.

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