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Santa congrats on the first trout in the smokies! Thunderhead is a beautiful place to get your first one too.

Ducky I fished Sam's about 3 weeks ago with Spotlight from this forum and it was a most interesting experience. Down lower (where the manway first comes in) and on upstream for the first half mile we caught lots of little 1-2 specks (very small). Usually I am seeing bigger fish there but none this day which was odd. Then as we worked our way higher up we started finally catching bigger fish and got into some nice ones but we had to go a good ways upstream to find them. I was wondering at that time what was going on. First of all what was with all of the little baby specks and where were the adult ones. I wondered if the bigger ones had moved upstream like the browns to spawn or something but not sure if specks do that but if that was the case it might explain why you didn't see many larger ones even as far up as you went.
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Hey Jack (JAB)...

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