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Was that you in white accord with a TN brook trout plate?

My buddy and I were in the parking lot when someone pulled up, was rigged up in about two or three minutes and was on the trail. We didn't know where the person got in so we started at the parking lot. We were hoping the person hiked up the trail to get the better brookie water. No fish, no strikes, came up on boot prints, hiked up in the woods, hit the trail and walked for a ways and then made our way back to the river. No boot prints at that point but still no fish until the sun hit the water and then we started picking up small fish on dries but nothing like I would have thought for that water. We made our way out about 3:00 and the car was gone. If that was us that got in ahead of you, I was hoping we gave you plenty of room. If not, I hope we didn't ruin your day.
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