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gmreeves, yep that was me. I noticed an Alabama plate on one of the cars, and thought it might be you, but figured the chances were slim. There were 2 people that got in the water before us, one went in right past the parking lot, I saw him as I hiked up the trail, those were probably the footprints you saw early on. The other guy was well up the river and was the guy I was fishing behind. I talked to some hikers several miles up the trail that said some fisherman with spinning rods had passed them early in the morning.

I noticed on the way out that we should have been fishing downstream of the parking area, it was empty. Too bad I didn't get to meet you, I would have liked to put my hands on one of those bamboo rods you make.

There were so many people on the water yesterday morning, it was tough to divide it up between all of us. Still better than painting the house, which I was supposed to be doing.
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