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Cool. My trip was a last minute unexpected trip. I thought about posting up here looking to see if anybody wanted to join me because I thought I was going to be running solo. A friend of mine surprised me by showing up at camp at 10:00 Saturday night though so that was good. I would have liked to meet up with you. I had to go check something out in the woods by the parking lot and when I got back you were already heading across the bridge. I've never fished that river before but have read once you get started you are commited. I thought about running up to catch you to see if we could fish together so not to be fishing kicked through water but by the time we finished rigging up, you were gone. We were impressed though by how intent you were. That water was gorgeous. I can see why people like it. I can't beleive we were the fourth or fifth people to be moving through it on such a cold morning just after sunrise. It makes me feel better though because I thought I was lousy fisherman for a few hours working that water hard coming up empty handed. We still managed to have a pretty day exploring new water.
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