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Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
Sounds like a lot of you have experience up in that area. So you cross the old steel beam bridge over thunderhead and hike about half mile further crossing a tiny little stream with an old rail road rock trussle next to the trail. then a bit farther you get to the thunderhead crossing where you got to ford thunderhead and then climb up the bank on the other side. My question is not too far after this crossing the trail splits and if I go left I end up at Sams after about .2 mile but at the split (where there is a small rock cairn) there is a trail that goes to the right. I always thought that was the defeat ridge manway since it would keep following thunderhead upstream and Sam's creek is the other way. Anyone know what these two trails are called? Where does the one on the left at the Cairn go?
Yes where the rocks are piled up is the start of defeat ridge trail. This is the short cut as you could just continue down the trail a little further till it 180's up the mountain and take the grade here. I hiked up a mile or so this Spring after an early return from a Sam's adventure. I have 2 or maybe 3 hikes I want to do up this trail. First take it to it's crossing of Shut-in an fish there. Next I want to take the grade the 4 miles to New World and check it out. From there it would be cool to make it to Chimney Rocks. And one even dreams of making it all the way up to Thunderhead. I say dream because last post I saw on Griztrax about this said it took like 12 hours. I think the last 1/2 mile took like 6 hours of Rhodo ****. OK so it's 3 trips & one I'll probably only just dream about

Another cool hike I want to do is up Starkey to AT. It's good trail till at least 2/3 mile up Starkey. Anyone want to venture into the Devil's Courthouse?
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