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Spent the weekend celebrating my birthday in Knoxville with some family friends. On Halloween, my birthday, we drove down through Townsend on the way to the Smokies to sight see. Of course, I had to stop in LRO. Had a good chat with Byron and Daniel, and picked up some Stealth Bombers because I couldn't order them online.

We intended on going to Elkmont and walk the trails, but I don't know my way around the park as well as I thought, and we ended up at Cades Cove. We had the misfortune of driving the scenic route, although beautiful, was a mess of tourists stopping to take pictures of the deer, turkeys, and fall colors

9 mile loop took us like 2 hours to get out, and that's taking a shortcut that knocked 2 miles off. The scenery was worth it though

Excellent way to spend my 20th!
Trey Nichols-
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