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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Yes where the rocks are piled up is the start of defeat ridge trail. This is the short cut as you could just continue down the trail a little further till it 180's up the mountain and take the grade here. I hiked up a mile or so this Spring after an early return from a Sam's adventure. I have 2 or maybe 3 hikes I want to do up this trail. First take it to it's crossing of Shut-in an fish there. Next I want to take the grade the 4 miles to New World and check it out. From there it would be cool to make it to Chimney Rocks. And one even dreams of making it all the way up to Thunderhead. I say dream because last post I saw on Griztrax about this said it took like 12 hours. I think the last 1/2 mile took like 6 hours of Rhodo ****. OK so it's 3 trips & one I'll probably only just dream about

Another cool hike I want to do is up Starkey to AT. It's good trail till at least 2/3 mile up Starkey. Anyone want to venture into the Devil's Courthouse?

I hiked to and past the New World around 8 yrs ago. The New World area is (was) pretty rough. I remember crawling (scrunching) through there. I recommend going in late fall/winter to make it an easier trip Try to during a Google search on the Defeat Ridge Trail, I read a report by some local hikers of going all the way to the spine. Can't remember the lady's name, but she complained about her pack continually hanging up while she went through the New World area. Once you get out of that area and are heading up the ridge it's a nice hike. I was on day hike, wasn't really prepared for the excursion and I turned around before getting to the spine. I want to do it again someday, but go all the way to the spine, but I won't do it during the growing season.

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