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Tennessee already has an anit-harrassment law on the books. This prevents the animal rights people from deliberately interrupting or disturbing your hunt. In the past, the animal rights people would walk through the woods during deer season with bells, whistles, and horns to scare the wildlife. They have been known to poison dog food, hoping your hunting dogs would eat it. The amendment is to keep them from banning hunting and fishing completely. You might check out businesses that you deal with and see what organizations they support with the money you spend with them. I started to go into a health food store to get some brewer's yeast to make some flea-resistant doggie treats. I saw a bunch of stickers in the window by the front door. One was for the Humane Society of the USA, a blatant anti-hunting group. I turned around and went elsewhere. A couple of years ago, the NRA had a listing of a bunch of companies that supported the anti groups.
John Torchick
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