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Default Stock Hesse Creek??

Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
... kids get bored. I've never taken a kid fishing in the park, but I can't imagine their success being much more than 1 fish an hour.
Our youth are our future and we really need to see that more of them are brought up hunting and fishing.
buzz, I'm with you on getting the youth interested. My 3-year old, granddaughter caught her first fish all by herself recently. Her dad was there for support. There is a short window of opportunity in mobile digital era. Many youngsters will only get to experience fishing using an "app."

The very lightly fished Hesse Creek drainage empties into the Little River outside the park downstream of Townsend. Only small stretches of this remote watershed streams holds wild trout.

For the sake of discussion let’s say the National Park Service and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency were to enter into an agreement whereby TWRA would stock the Hesse Creek drainage up into the park.

What regulations could be put in place whereby younger, typically impatient anglers could experience catching a trout in the Smoky Mountains? (I personally think bait fishing should be prohibited there as elsewhere).

What access improvements could be made with minimal effect on the environment? (Park-sanctioned Jeep shuttles for example)

What access restrictions should be considered? (Special permit issued by shuttle operator perhaps?)

(I'm a little uneasy with this post since I've yet to get to fish the area, but I know Crockett once landed a 3 inch black dace there once. )


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