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Rog 1--Great anecdote about Bud Cantrell. I know him personally and one of his sons is a writer while another has done a little book on The Fishes of Cherokee Country. He was famed for his efforts in dealing with poachers and lawbreakers and didn't mind getting into the backcountry to do so. I ran into him, one of his sons, and some grandchildren on Noland Creek a couple of years back. He's a great guy and was the successor the Bill Rolen, the ranger with whose son I spent so many wonderful days as a boy.

As for stick bait or rock bait tipping hooks, another old-time fly/bait trick was to tip a fly with a trout eye. Good to know there are some folks around who have loved the Park for so many years as I have (Hugh Hartsell is in their ranks).

Jim Casada
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