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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
...federal law now allows properly licensed individuals to carry a weapon in national parks. Those holding such licenses have gone through intensive training, and that training includes detailed coverage of thretening situtions.
Not to argue the validity of one side of the debate or the other, but for those discussing the issue I felt the facts should be known. Here is the link outlining the requirements for a PA concealed weapon/carry permit issued in my county/state:

In this county/state there is no extensive training required for a concealed weapon/carry permit; there is no training requirement at all. PA will issue a concealed weapon/carry permit to anyone capable of properly completing the full application, having 2 friends willing to provide a positive character reference, possessing a PA drivers license or identification card, and having the financial means to pay a $25 application fee.

What Jim has stated regarding extensive training being required for a concealed weapon/carry permit may be true for TN but it is definitely not true for many states.

Furthermore, Tennessee has signed a reciprocity agreement with many other states which allow permit holders in the reciprocal states to carry concealed weapons in TN. The list of reciprocal states may be found here:

If you review the list you will see that PA has signed the concealed weapon carry reciprocity agreement with TN. Due to this agreement a PA concealed weapon/carry permit is valid for concealed weapon carry in TN. This means that a PA concealed weapon/carry permit holder who has received absolutely zero training (the norm), much less any intensive training, or any training regarding threatening situations is now "properly licensed" with respect to concealed weapon carry in GSMNP.

I am not in any way stating an opinion as to whether lack of training is a good thing, a bad thing, or a horrible thing. I am merely stating that Jim's statement regarding everyone having undergone extensive training in order to carry a concealed weapon in GSMNP is not entirely accurate.

No offense to Jim as I very much believe he was not aware of these facts and that Jim relied on TN's rules as the basis for his statement.
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