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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
Rog 1--Great anecdote about Bud Cantrell. I know him personally and one of his sons is a writer while another has done a little book on The Fishes of Cherokee Country. He was famed for his efforts in dealing with poachers and lawbreakers and didn't mind getting into the backcountry to do so. I ran into him, one of his sons, and some grandchildren on Noland Creek a couple of years back. He's a great guy and was the successor the Bill Rolen, the ranger with whose son I spent so many wonderful days as a boy.

As for stick bait or rock bait tipping hooks, another old-time fly/bait trick was to tip a fly with a trout eye. Good to know there are some folks around who have loved the Park for so many years as I have (Hugh Hartsell is in their ranks).

Jim Casada
Jim...another brief story about Mr. uncle and grandfather recounted a story about one pair of poachers pinched by Bud coming out of Fish Camp Prong with 112 trout...of those only 10 were over the limit...wonder how many of the newer generation of fishermen in the Park know what "stick bait" always I enjoy your comments to my posts
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