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Hi Lynn:

I've been using #14 sucker-spawn and eggs for all the fish. Pink or Orange. I've tried a bunch of different colors for nymphs and stone flies, but those have not produced any action. Another item I would suggest is the type of leader. I only use fluorocarbon - smaller the better in the clear water.

I fished on Sunday am for 5 hours. Had a good day with 10-12 hookups. I landed 6 fish. Fishing was slow for many others on the creek. I stood in the same spot (pool) all morning. If you were 5-10 yards on either side, it did not produce any fish. Therefore, when I was catching fish, the guys were starting to move closer and closer. Everyone wanted to know what was on the end of my leader. I did not mind telling people if they asked.

Funny story, I caught the same fish in a 1 hour time-frame. When I caught the fish the first time, I noticed a 2" mark on the lower tail. It looked like a scrape from a sharp rock. Most fish have marks on them, but this one was deeper than normal. The fish put up a good fight. Well. about 1 hour later I hooked another fish. Once it was hooked, it was like reeling-in a log - not much of fight at all. When I got the fish to the bank, I took a look at it and noticed the mark on the lower tail. Same fish.

My good deed for the day: Toward the end of my day, I started to talk with the guy fishing next to me (nice guy to talk to). He was the Penn State area (State College) and was flyfishing with with his daughter. He wanted his daughter to catch one fish. I told to guy to call his daughter over to fish in the spot where I was catching fish. I helped her pick out some colors and get properly rigged up. I stood there for 20 minutes teaching her how to cast in the current and mend line. She was very thankful. As I was walking away, I got about 30 yards away and heard a bunch of noise. I turned and looked over my shoulder to see the girl hooked a fish. That was cool !!! It make my day.

Here are some pics.

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