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Default The big fish of the trip so far

Fished on Monday am. Spent a lot of time walking and searching for fish. Found a few. Hooked and landed some - not many. Finally caught a fish on a nymph (black #12). I did not get any good pics b/c I left my camera at the house. I had my iPhone, but the pictures are poor.

I was pretty tired after all my business travel from last week, getting up so early for the last three days, and all the walking I did on Monday. Therefore, I did not fish on Tuesday am. I turned-off the alarm when I heard it.

The afternoon fishing paid off. I fished a creek called 20 Mile. It's on the border of PA and NY. They had some fresh fish that 'exploded' when you had them hooked. These fish ran. I lost my first 3 or 4 fish because they took off down stream and found some rocks or trees. It really put a definition to 'screaming reels'. I can describe it as: lifting the rod when your line stops moving, you feel a head shaking, then, when the fish knows it's hook, it takes-off. You are left standing there with your rod up in the air waiting to see if the fish is going to stop.

I finally landed a big one. Like I mentioned earlier in the post - most fish are around 24". I hooked and landed this one a brown nymph. I was just around dark - 6-6:30. I was the only one fishing this hole. I really wanted to get my picture with it.

This is how I guage/measure steelhead using my 7 weight rod:
From the butt to the first eye is 27.5".
From the butt to the next rod section is 30".

You tell me how big you think it is. This fish really bent my rod. The picture does not do it justice - it was thick.


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