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Since the water is low and clear, I focus on the water. 'Fishy looking water'. Hard to explain. Once you start catching a few, you start to know where to look.

If you are willing to walk, you will catch more fish. I put some miles on the boots today.

Polarized glasses is a must. Good boots. Studs. The streams are shale. Very slick.

You can usually see fish moving around in the pools - back and forth. I do not to target those. I like to fish the faster moving water. Usually riffles in the head or tail of the pool. I good sign is when the fish are moving up-stream, not swimming around the pool.

I do not see the fish taking the fly.

Once you hook a fish or two, or you find the fish are not active, then it's time to move on. My thought and observation is, the guys fishing in the middle of the pool, where they are staring at the suspended fish and the fish are looking back at them, is a waste of time. It makes people frustrated when the fish have lock-jaw. That leads to snagging or foul-hooked fish. I watch some guys do it. If they keep the fish, it's illegal.

When you get a bend in the stream, you can also find some good areas closer to the bank. Fish will hug the bank or try to find something to hide under - rocks or downed trees.

I did not have a good 'catch-ratio' today. I pulled a little too hard on some, found some rocks on the others, and lost the majority of the fish. I did manage a few smaller ones.


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