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Default Indicators


Most of the time I do not use indicators. Once upon a time, I fished with them all the time. Then I started to 'bottom-bounce'. I took a little time to get the feel and learn how the manage the line. But I like the feeling of the initial strike. It adds more excitement. I get bored watching a indicator all day.

You need to be able to adjust your split-shot to the speed of the water. Therefore at each hole, I need to add/subtract. I always buy the sizes of B or BB that are removable.

I also fish with a nymph and a dropper set-up. The dropper is usually an egg, sucker-spawn, or crystal meth - pink, orange or cream. The nymphs are usually BH Pheasants, Princes, Stones, Coppers. Not really specific colors. I switch up.

If I'm bottom-bouncing, and I do not feel the drift is good, then I will switch to a indicator. I use Thingamabobbers. Mostly white (not sure it matters). Sizes 1/2 and 3/4. They are EASY: to use, to see, and to get on/off the line. They look like the bubbles floating down the creeks. I also add a split-shot 6" down from the indicator - trying to get the fly down ASAP and below the indicator.

PA and OH are very different. The OH creeks are much larger. PA has more steams and more public access PLUS more fishing pressure. A lot more pressure. Fishing during the week is great.

If you are ever going back up north and need some info, drop me a line. I can get you started on where to stay, where to fish, and who to talk to once there.

Hope this helps.

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