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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
The very lightly fished Hesse Creek drainage empties into the Little River well outside the GSMN Park downstream of Townsend. Only small stretches of the remote watershed streams hold wild trout. Just for the sake of discussion... letís say the National Park Service would consider stocking the Hesse Creek drainage in the Park.
What regulations could be put in place whereby young, typically impatient anglers could actually experience catching a trout? in the Smoky Mountains? where bears live ? (Obviously bait fishing should be prohibited as elsewhere).

What access improvements could be made with minimal effect on the environment? (Park-sanctioned Jeep shuttles for example?)

What access restrictions should be considered? (Special permit issued by shuttle operator perhaps?)
I haven't walked the entire section of this stream because of the most serious no tresspassing signs of Blackberry (only park section & below Blackberry). Jo if you got the money - from what I here it's already one of the best stocked streams near the Smokies. I just cant afford to pay high dollar for big stockers although I'm sure it's fun. I bought the Cherokeee Fly fishing section yearly permit a couple years back and only managed to make it up there once that year so I guess it's not my kind of fishing. If I want the big ones I just make the drive to the SoHo

As for stocking the lower section, it might not do well. Flows get very low, and since the water is far from the Springs at Blackberry water temp would most likely be a factor. Might work as a winter stocking, but stream features don't look all that trouty to me. Have you checked this out in person, or just glancing from a map?
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