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Originally Posted by Rodonthefly View Post
Is there a fly fishing team for our state? If so I have not seen it. Anyways I know North Carolina has one and I wouldn't mind if Tennessee had one. I would try out for it. I think it would be cool to have different states have their own teams and compete against each other. So if there isn't one what do we need to do to orginize one?

You may be on to something here! It would be cool to have teams from surrounding states competing in casting events such as accuracy, style
or type of cast, etc. etc. Also, I would have catagories for the pros, and then reps, kids, etc.

Talk to Byron, because that would be a great event to hold at Troutfest,
and I'm sure that it would draw spectators, and interest! Maybe the manuf. reps could donate rods & gear for prizes without bankrupting the budget.

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