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Default A link to alot of "Why we Fish" type stuff...

Over the last few weeks I've jumped head-first into the world of blogging. Yes, I know I'm a few years behind. Well, anyway - as I began looking around the internet I found lots of great trout fishing and fly fishing blogs. Moldy Chum, Tar Heel Fly Fishing(local), Trout Underground, Troutrageous, The Trout Zone(local), etc. and then I found the mother-load of link dumps on a brand new website that has a loooooooong list of blogs about fly fishing and other outdoor sports.

It's called " Outdoor Bloggers Network" and if you enjoy reading about average people fishing and catching average( and way above average) fish, you'll like the lists of blogs there. Some are commercial and others are (sometimes very)personal blogs of trout bums from around the country and around the world. As much as I like the message board format, I think that the online world is moving faster and faster toward blogging and Facebook type social media sites.
Forums are a long way from being obsolete and of course there will probably always be a place for them in one capacity or another...but if you'd like to see the future of online fishing information(perhaps) you owe it to yourself to add the Outdoor Bloggers Network to your favorites list.

Here's the link:


[EDIT]: I forgot to say that if you have a blog, it's a fairly easy review process to get your blog into the network and the owners are great folks. Also, if you have a personal fishing blog, as long as it's ok with LRO it'd be cool to have a list of all the LRO members' blogs!
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