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I do journal occassionally but would like to have the discipline to do it all the time. I tend to skip it then that gets to be a habit.

Whoever mentioned the speed bumps on the dragon (grouseman) I think that is an excellent idea. I think even as few as 15 well placed ones might do the trick. Put them in the "best" curves and space them out enough to kill the thrill of speeding through there.

My journal for yesterday would be this:

Hadn't fished in over a month due to being sick with repeated cold bronchitis. Finally felt better. Being newly married my wife Amanda (who loves hiking in the smokies) wanted to go with me and we agreed on a hike/fish outing. We were going to hike up the Meigs Creek trail to where it crosses Meigs Creek and she was going to bring a book and sit and read while I fished then we would hike back out. That was the plan anyway. We started out the day by stopping and enjoying Miss Lillies Sunday brunch which was great then we stopped at LRO where I shopped first (part of the fishing ritual). When we got to LRO Amanda went to the bathroom and I shopped. She seemed to be taking a long time and while I was waiting a guy came in with 4 or 5 kids in tow. He was talking to Ethan (i think) about being a deep sea fisherman but wanted to try fishing for trout in the mountains. In the meantime his kids were running wild a couple had rod demos out sword fighting with them and another kid had a fishing net and was chasing his sibling around the store with it. Finally Amanda hatched from the bathroom and told me she was feeling sick. We stopped at the IGA and got her some meds and drove on to the sinks. By the time we got there it was apparent that she wasn't going to be able to do the hike. We had a good time sitting there watching all the tourists though. We decided she could sit in the car and read while I fished a bit so I drove to Elkmont and we checked out the new road work there which is nice. We parked next to Jakes Creek and I fished for about 10 minutes but struck out. I felt bad having a sick wife in the car waiting for me so I returned and we went home. There is always next week
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Hey Jack (JAB)...

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