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I don't have any personal experience but know several people that have taken classes. I have heard nothing but good things from those that have done it and the rods they walk away with are wonderful 1st rods. If you have the money and think you are only going to make the one rod, I think the class would be the way to go. The great thing about classes is you get hands on instruction, top of the line equipment, and walk away at the end of the week with a rod ready to fish. The only bad part is if you want to make another rod, which most likely you will, you will need to purchase or build all of the tools needed. If you are interseted in building, chances are there is someone near you that has either made one, or someone that has made several. In Birmingham alone, I know of five people that have completed at least one rod and they were all very helpful getting me started. The bamboo rod building community is a very generous group of people and always willing to help someone learn the process.
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