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Default a little more.

and fields that stretch forever.

Wally and I found some classy presents for our hunting buddies.

Somehow, toward the end of our trip the weather managed to get a little colder but we stayed tough and stayed in the birds.

This photo is not the best but is one of my favorites from the trip. My girl is one of the younger dogs on the trip and the lab, Jake, is one of the seniors. Jake is a bird hunting machine. It does not matter what kind of bird your hunting. I love watching Jake work. He is an amazing bird dog. I think my two favorite things about this trip is being able to watch some great dog work and being with a great group of guys.

The cast for the annual trip to Kansas has changed a bit over the years. But, at the end of the day I would say that in my experience this trip was one of the best so far. We had a great group of safe hunters. There were a few faces that I really wish were there...

but we toasted the guys who couldn't make the trip...

and hoped that they would be with us the next time the sun set on our brief time in Kansas.


jasonkelkins at yahoo dot com
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