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Finally finished up the boat and now all it needs is an outboard motor. I've looked at a few used 10hp, but may end up saving for awhile and buying a new one.
I have been working on the boat on weekends and after I painted the interior last week, I cut and fitted the new wood for the bench seating. Went with 3/4" oak plywood that I stained and then 3 coats of spar urethane to seal the wood but still show the wood grain through. I added cup holders and a work bench/ fish measure table to the sides where the old rear middle bench was. Removing that bench opened up the floor space for me to stand and cast.
I painted the interior with Parkers "Bay Grey" duck boat paint after I self- etched primed the sides and floor. The floor paint got an additional material called "sharkskin". It is a non-slip additive pumice material that makes the floor easy to stand on when wet. The Parkers paint is semi flat and is non reflective. I will probably add some rod tubes to store rigged fly rods down the sides like drift boats have.
Here is a couple shots of the interior now.

I also installed a bow mount anchor roller with a jam cleat for my drag chain or if in the lake , a small mushroom anchor.

The boat is ready other than putting my numbers on and reg. sticker. hopefully come spring, it will have a motor, but till then, the 50lb thrust transom trolling motor will suffice.
1967 14ft Starcraft Super Star. less than $700 in the whole rig so far, including the 2 new seats I found at Kmart for $4.99 each on closeout! They just happened to color match the boat.

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