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November has been exceptionally warm and managed to do quite a bit of fishing though more bass fishing than fly fishing

caught this little brown at the weir on the clinch in early November on a BHPT

Its a little known fact that the university of Tennessee knoxville (and lots of other school in the south) have bass fishing teams. These are clubs that are run through the school with no real affiliations. That being said for students like me they are alot of fun! 2 weekends ago my partner and i went down and fished lake Logan-Martin in Pell Co. Alabama for the Auburn Fall Classic. We did OK the first day and finished 35th out of 70 boats and then we decided to swing for the fence on day 2 and broke out the big baits and it paid off! we ended up with the largest bag on day 2 with the biggest fish on day 2 and that moved us up to 7th of 70 boats! not a bad day!
here is a pic of our day 2 sack

here is a link to the tournament website just for fun

the club is always looking for new members if there are any other students out there looking for a break from the fly!

going to tims ford this weekend wish us luck!
there is a reason they dont call it "catching"
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