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Thanks to all for the great replies. I am starting to realize that I am going to be one of those guys that has a couple boats (if I can bribe my wife enough) for different fishing situations.

I am already doing that somewhat as I have a kayak for smaller rivers like the buffalo and Harpeth, and am looking for something with more power (preferably not man powered) for larger rivers like the Caney Fork.

I also understand that there is no best boat for every situation (or every river even). Same goes for fishing rods (that's why I have 3 fly rods).

Ideally what I am looking for, (I think) is something that I, and a friend (or two at most), can take to the Caney, drop in, float down, and then ride back up river to the trailer when done.

I am taking this season to get acquainted with the Caney and figure out what I need as far as power in a motor and such, and plan on buying a boat to restore in the coming months.

I have talked with a few guys around Nashville about what boat they use in the Caney and I hear a lot of jon boats or the Gheenoe style boats over drift boats because of the possibility that the Caney can get shallow at some spots and if you took a drift boat you would be gel coating it every trip almost.

As far as an outboard jet motor, does that make sense? A lot of what I am going off of what I have researched, and might not be accurate. That's why I have been reading this forum for the past few months, and am now starting to ask questions.

What kind of HP would a jet outboard need to power up river, and is there a website that can give me an idea of cost? I have done some research on cost, but I would love to find a used one if possible.

Thanks again for the great responses. This forum has been very educational to me, and I greatly appreciate it.
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