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Default Alum. Boat + 9.0HP Johnson = you are good for river!

Originally Posted by SuperFly View Post

Ideally what I am looking for, (I think) is something that I, and a friend (or two at most), can take to the Caney, drop in, float down, and then ride back up river to the trailer when done.
You should drive around the back roads and look for a semi-v to flat hulled john boat. The aluminum is very forgiving and extremely light. Add a short shank 9.0HP Johnson Outboard 70s-80s. It will do what you want and you could complete this set up for $600-800 price range. Also, these boats usually sell pretty well and you will break even if you put some work in to it.

Originally Posted by SuperFly View Post
I have talked with a few guys around Nashville about what boat they use in the Caney and I hear a lot of jon boats or the Gheenoe style boats over drift boats because of the possibility that the Caney can get shallow at some spots and if you took a drift boat you would be gel coating it every trip almost.
Drift boats are meant for rough water and shallow conditions. That is the idea behind their rocker footprint. Most have HDPE runners to protect them now. Plus, you are looking for significantly more money in purchasing a drift boat for a starter boat. Gheenoes are kind of gimmicky in my view point. They are really best used in narrow creeks and streams; then I would just get a canoe for $100 and save money. Strap a 2 x 4 across ways on the back and mount a small trolling motor.
Originally Posted by SuperFly View Post
As far as an outboard jet motor, does that make sense? A lot of what I am going off of what I have researched, and might not be accurate. That's why I have been reading this forum for the past few months, and am now starting to ask questions.
If you are looking for a jet lower unit/outboard; you will be spending several thousands. These are not cheap. You can buy regular outboards and the buy a retro/jet kit to build your own. However; it usually just saves a couple hundred bucks for the headache. The best motor for rivers is a 9.0hp Johnson short shank. These things can be tilted up to run in shallow water more than most trolling motors. Just be sure not to run them dry.

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