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Thanks for the great responses. I have a lot to look into before I drop some money in the new year, but at least now I know what I am looking for.

As for a outboard motor, is there a website that people post motors for sale or is it better to check craigslist?

I looked for Johnson "short shank" but came back with the first result being this forum thread. I tried short shaft and got more hits. I am assuming that the terms mean the same thing, if not let me know.

I also have a question about storage. I know that most people who have ski boats and such "winterize" their boats since they don't go in the water during fall and winter. Since we don't winterize them because we use them all year round are there any things that I need to consider from a maintenance point-of-view.

Also, I don't have a garage, but might have access to one if necessary. What is the next best way to store my boat between uses if I don't have a garage to place it in?

Thanks for the help. I truly appreciate every opinion.
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