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When you get your plane out, you will want to true the sole or bottom of the plane. You can do this with sheets of wet/dry sandpaper and a sheet of glass or marble. You want the sole of the plane flat. I would specify how flat but flat is flat. Take a sheet of 150 or 220 grit paper and stick it to a piece of glass with spray adhesive. Pour some water on it and work the plan, without the iron/blade in, back and forth until you have scuffed the whole bottom of the plane. Once you have gotten through the 150, which will take the longest, change to next higher grit and repeat the process until you get to about 1200 grit. Some will say go to 2000. It is your choice and only one more sheet of paper. Basically the difference between high end and low end planes are the quality of the iron and how much work has been done to true them. The records and stanleys need the additional work as well as new irons.

Oh yeah, and stay away from WD-40 in your shop if at all possible. WD-40 contains silicone and any silicone contamination on your strips or blank will keep your varnish from adhering to the blank and cause many headaches when you are almost finished with your rod.
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