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You should try craigs list and search the short shaft motors for your area. I bought a used rig a few years back and have really enjoyed it for my local river. It's a Carolina Skiff J14 with an Evinrude 18 Jet, which is the 25hp head on a Jet platform. I've dinged the glass finish on the boat a few times and came home and patched it with a glass kit (stinky stuff, I tell you) but nothing major. As far as that jet it just depends on if you have the luxury of motoring up to fish or not. I have several spots where the fishing is better downriver and there are few limits on the jet, it'll run in a ditch if it's raining good. I did find the whole setup used (in great shape) and give the guy 2200 for boat, jet outboard, and Long trailer. I thought it was a good deal, the motors worth that by itself. Keep looking, you'll find what you're after.
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