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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
Adam, it's slicker than otter snot.

Are you by chance doing Porters Creek Trail again this weekend?

Hey Fred I am glad you are still around! Yeah it is slick but this mornings 35 felt like a balmy summer after what we had earlier this week. I barely needed a coat today lol.

Not going up Porters Creek Trail this weekend but will be heading to Rogersville next week then Russellville for Christmas with the families should be a lot of fun. I took Jack to the Santa Land thing at exit 407 (at smokies stadium) and he sat on Santa's lap told him he wanted a gun ha. Afterward he asked me if that guy really was Santa cause he thought Santa had a deep voice and that guy had a high voice like a girl. Pretty astute for a 5 year old. I told him 'oh he must be one of the elves then'.

Love your new map profile pic with Rocky Top very clever!
Adam Beal

Hey Jack (JAB)...
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