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mine measures 48" across the floor of my v-hull. Don't get in a hurry to buy. There are a couple of boat shows coming up in January in the Knoxville area which will get people thinking about upgrading to a new boat. They will need to sell the old rig not only for the money but to keep the peace with their spouse!
I went with a shallow v-hull because it was such a good deal for me. I fish rivers and lakes and I grew up fishing both types of water from a v-hull and it was never a problem getting around. Mine is flat on the bottom with the rounded edges on the sides. the front is a shallow v. It you went with a deep v-hull it would be fine on lakes but may drag more on rivers.
the shallow v hulls are very popular with crappie fishermen on the lakes and many have been around for decades of service. the flat bottoms became popular as duck hunting boats in the stump filled marshes of Ark. and La. and also as pond boats across the south. The v-hulls are still very popular up north and in the mid west but you don't seen them for sell on BPS parking lots across the south. Alumacraft, Lowe and G-3 still produce them as angler boats but you don't see them sitting in the showroom or on the lot. those spaces are reserved for flat jon duckboats and high speed 300hp. glass rigs.
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