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Originally Posted by 3wt View Post
Sorry if I was not clear in my post. I fish Brookville fairly often just had not in a month or so. Hopefully all the info you took the time to post is read by someone who hasn't fished there before. I did do very well a couple of days there this summer and even managed a couple browns over twenty inches there. Do you know when they stock Brookville?

Cool. Maybe next summer we'll meet on the stream.
Stocking times vary somewhat. I believe it was mid April this year. I think most years it's sometime in April or early May if my aging memory is serving me well this evening.

I fished quite a bit in Laughery Creek for bass, long ear sunfish and blueill this summer before things started getting too dry.

I hope to get to Brookville several times next year. There should be some decent hold overs there by then.

Guess that means I'll be tying some small stuff this winter.

Another fly that I've done pretty good with is something I think they call a Klinkhammer. The way I tie it is on a #20 or #18 scud hook. I like red thread for the body and grizzly hackle tied parachute style. I tied some with red thread as a tag and gray dubbing up to where the hackle was tied in. I couldn't tell the fish cared one way or the other and it's a lot easier to just use thread for the main body so that's what I do. The way the fly floats, the body is below the surface film and the hackle keeps it floating. I guess they think it's a midge of some sort hatching.

Also, in late summer (August / September) I've done pretty good with hoppers.
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