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I'm a little late on this but, I'll throw out what little knowledge that I do know about Hesse's Creek. I'm pretty sure there is a "low head" dam on Hesse's creek. Might be wrong tho. Black Berry Farms would rather you not even drive by and look at their place but, that's another story all together. They however DO stock HUGE bows in the creek and TU had a show on fishing there. I know a guy whose family owns land just below there and he bait fishes the creek and catches some giant trout. I have caught large bows at the mouth of Hesse's creek and Little River after there is a large rain. If you want a shorter way into Hesse's creek go to Top "O" World and go down Gold Mine trail until you hit Cooper Rd Trail. You can either go down it or hop onto Bearded Cane Trail and get there that way. You will go past an OLD truck and then you enter private property. You can either climb the ridges up and over until you hit the trail again in the park or cross the (very pretty) log bridge and take your chances. I doubt that I would make the trip for it but, I would assume that from fall to spring one could catch (Black Berrys stocked) trout in the park on Hesse's creek. Just a thought.

As far as a stocked creek for kids. The Little River in Townsend is stocked about all winter I believe. I can remember going to the the old one lane bridge and catching one trout after another on a silver cleo. The new two lane bridge sets ontop of that hole now.
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