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Default Fishing Wisdom


Thanks for the compliment! I'm not sure about the wisdom part, so I'll stick to what I have experienced.

I've put in a lot of time flyfishing Western waters, especially Colorado. After I first fished Blue Ridge waters in North Carolina and Tennessee back in 2004, I immediately noticed that Eastern trout were much harder to catch. It seems those bows and cuts in Colorado were by far easier to catch, in that, they would always go for a dry fly and and come out from the farthest distances to strike it. You could really anticpate the strike although they were just as quick. After getting skunked fishing the park the first few times I thought that I had completely forgotten what to do, just couldn't hook up with a fish. But that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it forced me to try nymphing again, which I had long forgotten since my younger years. Much better success. And I suppose that just reflects on how the fish take their food most of the time. I have yet to see a really good hatch, except for midges which the trout were pretty much ignoring. But that's probably due to a timing issue on my part with the trips.

Last October I fished one of my favorite spots and it was full of some big Brookies (by far my favorite) bottom feeding, but they wouldn't take any of my nymphs, so I ended up fishing some streamers and caught several 14 inch brookies. I did see one from a high point that was huge and on a redd I believe, the way it acted. I tried a huge Bass streamer, dropping it near the redd and slowly pulling it toward the fish. Four times, that Brookie picked it up ever so slightly and moved it out it the current and dropped it, much to my disappointment, but still evoking a smile on my face. Nothing better than fly fishing in my book, even on a day when the fish skunk me. Just being out there is something only another fly fisherman can understand and truly appreciate.

Blue skies, warm gentle winds, and trout filled waters to all!
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