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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

As a recent "transplant" from Maine who is very familiar with BONAFIED Native "genetically pure" brook trout restoration

What is most interesting may surprise you all.... fish from different waters... sometimes only a few hundred yards apart had different genetics!

Maine has "reclaimed" many ponds over the years; at first they would rotenone and then stock with hatchery brookies. Later they grew a brain and started to re-habitate to some extent with brookies that came from sources where no stocking had ever influenced original genetics.

I don't know the extent that National TU, the Little River Chapter or any of the Federal experts from the Dept of Interior or Commerce have "studied & tested" the genetics of the Park brookies.... I would bet that brookies from different basins would show that they are genetically different.

Killing rainbows, browns and every other living thing in small mountain streams

It would be far more noble to protect genetically pure native brookies in the park where they have not been disturbed by non-native or non-genetically distinct brookies by closing these waters to fishing or creeling.

"Restoration" with chemicals is totally irresponsible.... with all critters in the stream affected you are messing with more than the fish.... you might be killing genetically distinct species from bugs to salamanders to whatever and I find the entire notion selfish.

but you've already killed the genetically distinct brookies you wanted to protect.
2 Suggestions:

1) The comments above show some ignorance. Do more research.
2) Do all of your fishing in Maine.
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