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Hey guys, could it be that we are getting a little bit hostile here with a relatively new guy to the forum? Let's try to chill out a little. Maybe his research was lacking in some areas, it should be our place to point him in the correct direction or enlighten him. So, let's try to show him a little southern courtesy.

Like 2weight said, this is a very touchy issue around here. Personally I supported it on this one watershed as a test measure. Had it been discussed doing it on multiple streams, I would have been on the other side of the fence. It appears that a couple of bucket biologists took it upon themselves to restore the rainbows and undermine the entire effort, I think other variables such as this should be considered before another attempt is made.

Here is part of the enlightening portion:
As somebody who does a lot of travelling for work, especially to the northeast, not much fires up a southern "fella" more than an outsider sticking his nose into something in a not so polite fashion. There is a definite language and personality barrier between southerners and northerners, that should be taken into respect when posting on a southern based forum. There has never been a shortage, nor will there ever be, of people who think that just because we live in the south we are uneducated and don't have the resources that "big city folk" do. That couldn't be farther from the truth, just look at the research triangle NC, Oak Ridge National Lab, Savannah River National Lab, and that doesn't include some of the top ranked universities in the country. You may not have been saying that, but your post came across as such. My advice to you is that we all must adapt our tact when venturing outside of our home environment.

If you are really interested in having an educational discussion regarding this topic, then let's do so. Myself and others would most likely learn from such discussion. However, if this was intended to be a post more representative of a troll, then I ask that we let this die and focus more on our respective areas of interest.

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