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First off I live in Seymour, I grew up in NC then Southern Jersey and moved to Maine after college and then after 25 years living among the liberal elite in the most taxed and oppressive place in our country I move here (one of the best places).

Here and up in Maine I applaud efforts to "re-establish fish lost due to the effects of mankind.... MY personal environmental effort & record with Conservation groups like Tu is tough to match.... but who cares? I retired now from enviro stuff and I never liked hanging out enviros as I'm an extremely conservative conservationist.

I didn't move south to tell folks what to think or believe or cherish..... I moved here because I share the same moral and societal values most southerners accept as normal behavior but are lost in the Northeastern liberal states.

MY POINT was that killing everything in a stream also kills the genetics of the remaining stock of ORIGINAL BROOK TROUT.... a genetically pure native brook trout can not be replaced with same.

My second point is that replacing a good fishery with a marginal fishery in a place that didn't have any pure genetically original fish may not be a good idea when you are killing all the other lifeforms in the stream.

After all this work.... what has been gained? Many folks say that closing all these streams for years never increased the population of brook trout.... so a fishery was lost for many years based on conjecture now that time has passed and the studies are finished or continuing.

Many times when a fishery is closed people lose interest in it all together.... while it's nice to have "marginally good" water totally set aside for brook trout it may never be a very good fishery or as good as one with non-natives.

There is a big difference between a native brook trout and an imported brook trout and some waters will never support either very well due to the lasting effects of pollution, forestry, erosion pH etc.... NO MATTER HOW BADLY YOU WANT.

If I saw a guy with a bucket next to a smokey mountain stream he would be detained against his will at the very least.

Not trying to stir the pot; only questioning the science... that's all. No offense intended so please try not to take any.
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