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After reviewing my posts on this subject I see that I have made no reference whatsoever about "the south" or "southerners".... nor did I claim that northerners were more experienced in these matters of restoration.

I also said in my OP that I applaud the efforts to restore brook trout.

I did not say that anyone in particular, group or the park scientists/biologist were not knowledgable or claim they were incompetent.

And I might mention that I do have much knowledge in these matters.

In a perfect world I respect the integrity of God's genetic make-up in a stream over mans. It would be awesome if native brook trout waters were not poluted with rainbows, browns or brookies with poluted heritage.

While it is true I don't have the knowledge that you guys enjoy on these waters I still think it a shame to poison fish in waters that may be marginally restorable for native genetically pure brookies.

This effort to restore brook trout was substantial, costly, well intentioned and had lots of volunteer activists and I'm grateful to all of you who helped out. Brook trout are hands down the most beautiful fish between Georgia and Maine; unfortunately they are the most vulnerable to degraded habitat, acid rain/pH, deforestation and warm water. I'm personally not a big supporter of dumping more poison into mostly pristine watersheds.

DDT is a wonderful substance; it virtually cured the worldwide problem of bed bugs half a century ago, it eliminated insects that kill precious stands of softwoods and hard woods from the south through new england, it wiped out mosquitos in countries with extremely dangerous pests like mosquitos/malaria etc. More of it was sprayed in Maine per square mile than anywhere else on the planet and folks there wonder why ME has the highest cancer rate in the nation.

Science is most often well intentioned... look at all the TV commercials from lawyers looking to cash in on all the "bad" drugs that we now know are harmful... Well I have taken four of them all recalled in the last several years.... fortunately none of them killed me. As I type a pump is mainlining an extremely potent antibiotic into the top of my heart and while it might prevent me from losing my right foot from an infection caused by a lousy surgeon a year ago... I worry about what side effects it may cause me now or later.... I'm trusting my doctors but just like the poisons dumped into rivers you just never really know what the long term side effects may be today.

I meant to offend nobody; especially not a Southerner... I may have lived among the yankees for a long time but I'm certainly not a ****ed Yankee; fact is I'm a right-winged anarchist who would seriously enjoy fighting for the rights of southern states against the evil Northern Federalists who have railroad the well valued people of the South for 100 years I moved here to fight with you... not against you.... for both good fishing and everything else you folks treasure and value.

Chill out; I am not the enemy.... questioning the use of poison in a river doesn't make me a bad person even when THE GOVERNMENT tells you it is safe... The FDA is wrong all the time..
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