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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

First off I live in Seymour, I grew up in NC then Southern Jersey and moved to Maine after college.

I also lived a few years in South Jersey as a kid and a large part of my family on my fathers side are from Maine. So welcome to this fourm. If your not a troll, then please use some more disgretion in the future.

MY POINT was that killing everything in a stream also kills the genetics of the remaining stock of ORIGINAL BROOK TROUT.... a genetically pure native brook trout can not be replaced with same.

Here is where your ignorance is showing. You really should get more educated before reaching such drastic conclusions (man of science right?). Fish were shocked, and native brookies weren't killed (well except from some smart bears that got some). And to respond to earlier comment about genetics, yes they are studied (Kenny a graduate student working for the park from Kansas seems to know more than I could comprehend), and while park Brookies do have some genetic differences, it hasn't caused any major problems. All brookies were chosen by simillar streams at similar elevations and all were true genetic Souther App Brook trout

My second point is that replacing a good fishery with a marginal fishery in a place that didn't have any pure genetically original fish may not be a good idea when you are killing all the other lifeforms in the stream.

Ok then what is your answer for Sam's creek? Even Casada bows down on this one. You really need to understand "poisons" are different. Your prior comparisons to DDT and Rotenone are silly. As far as killing a good fishery. Are you really saying there aren't plenty of Rainbow streams in the Smokies? And since you only like Browns on tailwaters why do you even care?

After all this work.... what has been gained? Many folks say that closing all these streams for years never increased the population of brook trout.... so a fishery was lost for many years based on conjecture now that time has passed and the studies are finished or continuing.

The stream will only be closed a short time. The populations are doing great. You really need the facts, many of which are easily obtained on the park's website. A great, easily accessable Brookie stream should be gained soon enough

There is a big difference between a native brook trout and an imported brook trout and some waters will never support either very well due to the lasting effects of pollution, forestry, erosion pH etc.... NO MATTER HOW BADLY YOU WANT. You are acting like they stocked non-natives or something.

And yes while "some waters" won't support either - Lynn Camp is a dream come true - so again - get the facts

Not trying to stir the pot; Ooh come on ...... really? only questioning the science.(feel free to do that. If you have a real and not perceived in your head from ignorance about the restoration)
Ooh and your argument for stopping fishing or creeling limits on Brookies was studied, and fishing was found to have little to no effect, hence the opening of all streams.
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